Brief Introduction Enterprise

    Wuhu Saiyang Seal Products CO., LTD, taking the advantage of Wuhu economic development area, based on Chery auto parts market, backed on the capital and technology of Zhejian Saiyang, was established at Wuhu auto industry garden in August 2002. It occupies 40667 square meters, its new workshop is 12000 square meters. We have finished the installation of 2 lines for rubber profile and 2 for plastic profile which ourselves-designed and assembled by the end of September 2003. Now we have been conducting the trial run. The accessories are under adding.

A whole scene of factory area
Rubber complex profile line
plastic complex profile line
press machines
technology and designing office

 Brief of Wuhu City
The beautiful riverside city Wuhu, is located in south-east Anhui province in the middle and low reaches of Changjiang River, belonging to Changjiang delta. It is in east longitude 118o211, north latitude 31o201. The city occupies 3317square kilometers, has a population of 2.13 million, is an important river port city. Wuhu is a hub of communication, with 3 expressways and 5 railways intersecting here, about one hour drive to Nanjing and Hefei international airport. Wuhu can handle up to 10 thousand-ton cargo ships round the year, is the last deep water port go against the Changjiang River. Foreign ships can be berthed directly at Zhujiaqiao foreign trade port. There is a coordinated transport business for more than 40 countries and regions.
Wuhu, with the advantageous situation and good investment environment, the complete facilities of power supply, inexhaustiable water supply, pipeline LPG, pipeline steam, fiber cable and wideband tele-communication and sewerage system, low investment and potential market, is an idea place to run enterprise.


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